Boniswa Sidwaba


Picture this; you are in charge of content operations TikTok Africa. You essentially are working hard to ensure the success of a fast-growing company on the continent. That’s what South African DJ and Content Creator, Boniswa Sidwaba has been up to.

At the helm of TikTok in Africa, she is part of a team that has made it possible to discover some of the most popular content creators across the continent, by making the video-sharing platform a success. 

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Hence, it is super important to stay organized at all times. Staying at the top of your game when it comes to holding important roles at big organizations.

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Boniswa Sidwaba / Courtesy

What the TikTok Africa executive does to be organized

So, with all this in mind, how does she stay organized with such huge responsibility?

“Having routines and setting priorities are life-saving tactics for both my personal and professional life. Something as simple as setting a bedtime for myself has helped me prioritize a lot better and think proactively about my days,” she told our Chief Content Officer, Harun Momanyi in an exclusive interview.

To reach the top, Boniswa had to excel in content creation. Her career background is super impressive. She shed some light on where it all started.

I have been really fortunate to practice different types of content creation; ranging from theatre-making, writing songs, producing music, DJing, creating content for digital media platforms, creating and curating music, art events, and singing,” she revealed.

What helped Bonisawa succeed in her career

How did she manage to do all of this without switching to another career along the way? It all boils down to passion. She enjoys doing it. You can clearly tell from how she fondly talks about it.

“What I enjoy most about all these things is that there are almost no limitations, at least that is how I approach my process. I don’t limit myself at all at the beginning of the process.  Really, I allow myself to be as free and as random as possible and then I start to chip and edit away. With that comes learning new things about myself – which I love. I learn more about the way I perceive things and how that impacts my relationships and the way I approach life. Content creation is a reflective and meditative activity, I love that most,” she added.


boniswa sidwaba titktok africa
Boniswa Sidwaba / Courtesy

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