Huawei Vacancies USA


Multinational technology company Huawei is hiring globally in 2022. The tech giant is looking for ‘scientists, doctorate degree holders, global contest winners, research and development engineers, and outstanding college students from all over the world.’

Through its official LinkedIn page, the company said that it’s looking for talented individuals who hold degrees from a wide range of disciplines.

These include maths, physics, chemistry, material science, algorithms, thermal design, systems engineering, and more.

The official poster listed some incredible positions that we most definitely recommend that you apply for ASAP. The company also provided an email where you can send your applications to. The official contact is Talent2022@huawei.com

Here are the listed positions:

Thermal Design Expert

Automation & Motion Control Expert

Senior System Integration Expert

Systems Theory Scientist

Mechanical Engineer

Equipment Process Design Engineer

Advanced Process Design Engineer

Optical Design Engineer

Electronic Functional Materials Engineer

Precision Measurement Engineer

Precision Equipment Development & Automation Engineer

Software Algorithm Engineer

Precision Manufacturing Process Technology Development Engineer


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